Seminars usually take place on selected Mondays, 3:00 – 4:15 in the Economics/Political Science Conference Room (UH 4110), which is located in the southeast corner of the fourth floor of University Hall. Please note exceptions, including seminars that take place in McIntosh Center (UH 3999), which is located on the north side of the third floor of University Hall.

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For more information, contact Prof. James Konow at jkonow at lmu dot edu.






 September 23

 Joshua Tasoff

Claremont Graduate University

 Exponential-Growth Bias and Lifecycle Consumption

McIntosh Center

 September 30

 Sean D'Evelyn

Loyola Marymount University

Directing Green Research Grants

 UNH 4110

 October 21

 Brit Grosskopf

University of Birmingham

The Demand for Expressing (Emotions) (joint with Kristian Lopez)

 McIntosh Center

 October 28

 Christel Fricke

University of Oslo

 Why should we think of fairness in terms of liberal egalitarianism?‌‌

McIntosh Center

Tuesday November 12


 Franziska Tausch

 Maastricht University

 Risk taking and risk sharing: does responsibility matter?

McIntosh Center

 Friday November 15

 Cecelia Mo

 Vanderbilt University

"Why Do Asian Americans Identify as Democrats? Testing Theories of Social Exclusion and Group Solidarity"

 UNH 4110

 November 25

 Leslie Chiou

 Occidental College

 Digitization and Aggregation

 UNH 4110

 December 2

 John Ifcher

 Santa Clara University

Using “Piece‐Rate Equivalents” and Relative Payoffs to Explore Gender Difference‌ in the Willingness to Compete.

 UNH 4110

 February 3


 Rutgers University


 UNH 4110

 February 17

 Ryan Kendall


Decomposing Models of Bounded Rationality and Other-Regarding Preferences

 UNH 4110

 March 10

 Dan Houser

George Mason University

 Sign Me Up! A Model and Field Experiment on Volunteering

 UNH 4110

 March 24th

 Mikael Persson


University of Gothenburg

How Does a Lifetime of Economic Experiences Influence Public Opinion? Evidence from Individual-level Income Registry Data Matched to a Voter Survey

 UNH 4110