Economics Seminar Series 2012-13

Seminars take place on from 4:30 – 5:45 PM. Please note that days and locations vary. Although many occur on Tuesdays in the Economics/Poli Sci Conference Room (UNH 4110), a large number of seminars take place this year on other days and in other locations, including in ECC 1857, which is located in the northwest corner of the first floor of University Hall, and can be accessed via the entrance to the Crimson Lion.

For more information, contact Prof. James Konow at jkonow at lmu dot edu.










September 6

Iwan Barankay



University of Pennsylvania

Rank Incentives: Evidence from a Randomized Workplace Experiment‌

UNH 4110

September 20

Ron Harstad



University of Missouri

Behavioral Efficiency: Definition, Methodology, Demonstrations‌

McIntosh Center

September 27


Dan Haybron

Saint Louis University

Normative Foundations for Well-Being Policy

McIntosh Center

October 23

David Ong


Peking University HSBC Business School

Tiger Women: An All-Pay Auction Experiment on Gender Signaling of Desire to Win  ‌



ECC 1857

October 30



Christian Grose


Shirking, Pivotality, and Representation: A Field Experiment of Legislator Voting


ECC 1857

November 6



Sovathana Sokhom


Intangible Human Capital Impact Economic Growth in Less Developed Count‌ries

ECC 1857

December 4

Isabelle Brocas


A Neuroeconomic Theory of Self Control

ECC 1857

February 12

Gabriel Lenz


University of California, Berkeley




UNH 4110

February 19

Bradley Ruffle


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


UNH 4110

February 25th

Kishore Gawande



The Bush School, Texas A&M

Can Public Goods Reduce Conflict: MGNREGS
and the Maoist Insurgency in India

UNH 4110

March 19

Ronald Rogowski


Are Survey, Field, and Natural Experiments Really Experiments, and Should We Trust Their Results?

ECC 1857

April 16th

Frederico Echenique

California Institute of Technology


UNH 4110

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