Economic Seminar Series 2011-12

For more information, contact Prof. James Konow at jkonow at lmu dot edu.







September 13

Sean D'Evelyn


Loyola Marymount University

Using Economics to Predict Species Movements From 1850

McIntosh Center

September 20

Andrew Healy


Loyola Marymount University

Political Socialization Within the Household: The Effect of Having a Sister on Male Political Attitudes

McIntosh Center

October 11

David Miller

University of California, San Diego

Enforcing Cooperation in Networked Societies

UNH 4110

October 18

Matthias Blonski


Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main,


Moral Hazard with Excess Returns



UNH 4110

October 25th

Junyi Liu

Indiana University Bloomington

 Lobbying, Public Capital and Endogenous Growth


UNH 4110

November 1

Yoshi Saijo

UCLA, Osaka University

The Approval Mechanism Experiment:A Solutionto Prisoner's Dilemma


UNH 4110

November 8

Stephanie Wang


University of Pittsburgh

Imperfect choice or imperfect attention? Understanding strategic thinking in private information games


UNH 4110

December 6

Alexander Cappelen


UC Berkeley, NHH

"Immoral criminals? An experimental study of social preferences among prisoners"


UNH 4110

January 24

Ingvild Almas



NHH, University of Oslo

Explaining Gender Differences in Competitiveness


UNH 4110

February 7

Michael Kevane


Santa Clara University

Robustness of climate as an instrumental variable to estimate effect of GDP change on political change in Africa


UNH 4110

February 14

Tom Hansford


UC Merced

The Information Dynamics of Vertical Stare Decisis


UNH 4110

March 6

Zaki Eusufzai


Loyola Marymount University

IMF Surveillance and the 2008 Financial Crisis

UNH 4110

March 20

David Gill


University of Oxford

Desert and Inequity Aversion in Teams


UNH 4110

March 27

Naomi Feldman


Ben-Gurion University, Federal Reserve

The Impact of Tax Exclusive and Inclusive Prices on Demand

UNH 4110


Ulrich Schmidt


 University of Kiel

 Overconfidence and Risk Management of Ethiopian Farmers

 UNH 4110

April 10

Michael Gottfried


New Support for Older Students: The Effect of School Age Entry on Non-Cognitive Outcomes.

UNH 4110

April 17

Erik Snowberg



"Confidence and Overconfidence in Political Economy" (with Pietro Ortoleva).

UNH 4110