Economics Seminar Series 2014-15


Seminars usually take place on selected Mondays, 3:00 – 4:15 in the Economics/Political Science Conference Room (UH 4110), which is located in the southeast corner of the fourth floor of University Hall. Please note exceptions, including seminars that take place in McIntosh Center (UH 3999), which is located on the north side of the third floor of University Hall.

For a detailed schedule, please click on the links to the left.

For more information, contact Prof. James Konow at jkonow at lmu dot edu.






Tuesday,September 23

John Weymark


Vanderbilt University Citizen Candidates and Voting Over Incentive-Compatible Nonlinear Income Tax Sch UNH 4110

October 13

Ulrich Witt

Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik

As Innovativeness Drives Economic Growth, Does It Also Raise Well-Being?

Second Paper


UNH 4110

October 27

Michelle Miller


Loyola Marymount University

Social Networks and Personal Bankruptcy

McIntosh Center

November 17

Alexander Schuhr


University of Capetown Considerations in Favor of Structural Modeling of Economic Behavior UNH 4110

Rescheduled for December 4

 Sean D'Evelyn


Loyola Marymount University

Dump, Date, or Marry: Endogenous Group Formation with Varied Contract Lengths

UNH 4110

January 26

Marina Agranov


California Institute of Technology Equilibrium Tax Rates and Income Redistribution: A Laboratory Study UNH 4110

February 6

Andreas Leibbrandt

Monash University If One Price is Good, Are Two Better? Experimental Evidence On Pricing and Customer
UNH 4110

February 9

 Erzo Luttmer


Dartmouth College The Welfare Cost of Perceived Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from Social Security UNH 4110

February 23

Frank McIntyre


Rutgers University Long Term Income Stagnation Among the Bankrupt  UNH 4110

March 2

Andreas Blume

University of Arizona "Eliciting Private Information with Noise: The Case of Randomized Response” (joi UNH 4110

March 9

 Subhasish Dugar


University of Calgary Fishy Behavior: The Nature and Extent of Dishonesty in the Marketplace‌ UNH 4110

March 16

Peter Winzer

 Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences The Economics of Usage Fees of Television Distribution Networks  UNH 4110

March 20 (Friday)

 Karl Schlag


University of Vienna Social Learning Between Groups: Imitation and the Role of Experience  UNH 4110

March 23

James Devine


Loyola Marymount University Harrod’s Dynamics vs. Neoclassical Growth Theory UNH 4110



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