Economics Major BS

BCLA Major 3 to 4 Unit Transition Worksheet 

Lower Division Requirements

ECON 1050

MATH 112 OR MATH 131

ECON 2300 OR ECON 2350


Upper Division Requirements

ECON 3100 Intermediate Microeconomics I

ECON 3200 Intermediate Macroeconomics

 ECON 3300 Econometrics

ECON 4400-level

ECON 4400-level

ECON Upper Division

ECON 5300: Mathematical Economics

ECON 5320: Advanced Econometrics

ECON 4900 Senior Assessment (0 credit)


A grade of at least B- (2.7) is required in ECON 110 and ECON 120, or ECON 105.

A grade of at least C- must be obtained in every upper division course in the major, and the average grade in upper division economics courses must be at least C (2.0).

Economics majors are required to take one social science course from outside the major. The course may be a lower or upper level course in Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Studies, or any course that satisfies the Understanding Human Behavior requirement of the University Core.

Students with majors in business may also pursue a major in economics by fulfilling the requirements of the B.A. or B.S. track described above. With prior permission of the Department, double majors in Business and Economics may select two upper division Business Administration courses as part of their economics electives.