New Core and Four Unit Curriculum

Beginning Fall 2013, the university transitioned into a new core curriculum program. Students in the classes of 2016 and 2017 will automatically be enrolled in the new core, and students in the classes of 2014 and 2015 will have the option to switch from the old to new core program.

Additionally, the Economics department is transitioning to a four unit model, beginning Fall 2015. Here are a few key points for you as a continuing student in our program:


  • The total number of units for you to graduate overall (120)--or for the major or minor--will not change.
  • Your graduation date will not be delayed as a result of the switch to the 4-unit curriculum. 
  • Your CAPP report will show old major requirements.
  • Most students will now take only four classes at a time for 15 or 16 units.  For most students this will mean taking four 4-unit classes (16 units), or three four unit classes and one 3-unit class from another college.
  • Students can still take up to 18 units without special permission. 
  • The Dean’s office will only very rarely approve students to take more than 18 units. 


Specifically for ECONOMICS majors:

ECON 410 is no longer required. If you have taken ECON 410, it will now count towards your 400-level requirement.

ECON 330 (ECON 3300) is now required. If you took the 3-unit version, you’re all set. If you have NOT taken ECON 3300, you will not be required to take it unless you have not started your upper division. (Basically, if you have taken ECON 310, then you are encouraged, but not required to take ECON 3300.)


Dr. Pate, Chair, UNH 4223,

Dr. Earley, Advisor, UNH 4231,

Dr. Devine, Advisor, UNH 4227,