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Classics & Archaeology



The study of Greek and Latin language and literature, the foundation of the Western humanistic and scientific traditions, offers the student a well-rounded liberal arts education. It is also a practical study/ The student receives an excellent preparation not only for the graduate study of Classics, Theology, or Comparative Literature, but also for professional school in law, medicine, or business.


Major Programs

The Department of Classics and Archaeology offers a variety of majors: Classics, Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilizations. The Classics major offers a traditional training in both Greek and Latin language and literature (in the original), although students may opt to major exclusively in Greek or Latin. The Classical Civilizations major allows the student to study the cultures of Greece, Rome, and the Near East from various cultural perspectives in conjunction with other departments; in this major, language study is encouraged but not required.


Classics Major: Requirements

Lower Division (18 semester hours):
  LATN 101, 102, and 201.

GREK 101, 102, and 201.
Note: These requirements may be waived if the student has received prior language training sufficient for entry into upper division courses.
Upper Division (24 semester hours):
  LATN 312 and 321.

GREK 311.

One additional upper division course in GREK or LATN and one additional upper division course in CLCV or ARCH.

Any 3 courses in GREK, LATN, CLCV, or ARCH.

Graduation with Honors: an additional 3 semester hours of CLCV 500.


Classical Civilizations Major: Requirements

The Classical Civilizations major is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, and the Near East through the study of literature, history, archaeology, art history, philosophy, theatre, and theology. Greek and/or Latin language study is encouraged and highly recommended but not required.

The Classical Civilizations major consists of 33 semester hours, at least 24 of which must be in upper division courses emphasizing Greek, Roman, or Near Eastern civilization. The actual distribution of courses is selected with the guidance of the Director of the major.
Lower Division (9 semester hours):

     CLCV 200 and 230.

CLCV 210 or 220.

Upper Division (24 semester hours):

      CLCV 301 or 302.

CLCV 451.

ARCH 3xx or 4xx.

The remaining 15 semester hours may be elected from any upper division CLCV,
LATN, GREK, and ARCH offerings.  In addition, the following courses may be taken
as part of the Classical Civilizations major, with the approval of the Director of
the Major:
HIST 405, 406, 407, 408, 410, 411
PHIL 381, 382
THEA 331
THST 320

Graduation with Honors: an additional 3 semester hours of CLCV 500.

Minor Programs

The Department of Classics and Archaeology offers a Minor in Classics, Greek, Latin, Classical Civilizations, and Archaeology.  All minors require 18 semester hours, with at least 9 semester hours at the 300 or 400 level. 

Classics Minor: Requirements
All courses must be in Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature.  Students who test out of lower division courses will fulfill 18 semester hours in the upper division.
Upper Division:

        GREK 311 or LATN 311.                                                                                   


Classical Civilizations Minor: Requirements
Lower Division:

         CLCV 200 or 210.

Upper Division:

         CLCV 451.

Archaeology Minor: Requirements
The minor in Archaeology consists of ARCH 401 and 15 additional semester hours, of which 6 may be courses in an appropriate Mediterranean language (e.g., ancient or modern Greek, Latin, Hebrew, or Arabic, or a Romance language if it is relevant to a particular archaeological emphasis).

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