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Classics & Archaeology

Part-time Faculty

Amanda E. Herring

Department of Art History, LMU

With a focus on the art of ancient Greece and Rome, Amanda Herring is Clinical Assistant Professor in Department of Art and Art History. She received her BA in Classical Archaeology and Art History from Dartmouth College in 2002 and her MA and PhD in Art History from UCLA in 2011.

She specializes in the art and architecture of Hellenistic Greece, examining the spread of Hellenism, particularly in Asia Minor, and the resultant hybrid artistic products. Her research explores specific Hellenistic sculpture and monuments within this framework. In particular, she has examined the Barberini Faun as a representation of the sexual ethos of the period, and also the site of Magnesia on the Meander as a locus of civic and cultural identity in both the ancient and modern periods. Focusing on the Sanctuary of Hekate at Lagina, her current research project considers how individual’s personal interactions with sacred architecture played a crucial role in defining the space and its meaning in the broader context of the Hellenistic world.

At LMU, Dr. Herring teaches a broad range of classes on the art and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean. Employing an interdisciplinary approach to the art of the ancient world, she explores art and architecture as expressions of cultural and ideological identities.


Course Offered:
CLCV 304 Art & Arch Ancient Greece