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 Matthew Dillon, Chair of Classics and Archaeology
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Curriculum Vitae

Matthew Dillon, Ph. D.


1984                Ph.D., Classical Languages and Literature

                        Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

1981                M. Phil., Yale University

1979                M.A., Yale University

1974 -1975      Göttingen University, West Germany

1970 -1974      B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Classics, Wesleyan

                        University, Middletown, Connecticut


1984                “Aristophanes’ Ploutos : Comedy in Transition” Yale University

                        Director: Prof. C.J. Herington


2002 -              Full Professor, Classics and Archaeology, Loyola Marymount University, CA

1990-2001       Associate Professor, Classics, Loyola Marymount University

1987-1990       Assistant Professor, Classics, Loyola Marymount University

1987                Instructor, NEH Summer Institute in Classical Studies, Skidmore College, Saratoga                                    Springs, NY

1984-1987       Assistant Professor, Classical Languages and Literatures, Smith College,

                        Northampton, MA

1986                Scholar in Residence, Summer Institute for Classical Studies, Skidmore College, 

                        Saratoga Springs, NY

1984 -1985      Assistant Professor, Summer Institute for Classical Studies, Skidmore College,

                        Saratoga Springs, New York



2011                LMU Summer Research Grant: Deforestation in Rough Cilicia

2007                Award for Excellence in Teaching, American Philological Association

2006                LMU Summer Research Grant: Mater Dolorosa in Rough Cilicia

2005                LMU Technology Grant: Build a Website for Ancient Historians Course

2002-2004:      Marymount Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies, Loyola Marymount University

2002                LMU Summer Research Grant: Luwian Response to Greco-Roman Hegemony

1999                LMU Summer Research Grant: Erasmian Pronunciation of Greek

1996                LMU Summer Research Grant: Socrates and the Buddha II

1995                LMU Summer Research Grant: Socrates and the Buddha I

1993                Visiting Research Fellow, Yale University, Oct.-Nov.

1991                LMU Summer Research Grant: Religion in Aristophanes II

1990                LMU Summer Research Grant: Religion in Aristophanes I

1974 -1975      Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Stipend



(Forthcoming): “Erasmian Pronunciation” in the Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and

         Literature, Brill.

  • “The Archaeology of Deforestation in South Coastal Turkey”, U. Akkemik, H. Caner, G. Conyers, M. Dillon, N. Karlioglu, N. Rauh, L. Theller, The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology,  (2012), 1-11.


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  • L. Zoroğlu, M. Dillon, D. Yakınlar, N. Rauh, Anamur Arkeoloji Müzesindeki Amfora Araştırmaların Raporu, Arastirma Sonuçlari Toplantisi (May 2008) = T.C. Kültür Bakanligi, Anitlar ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlügü, Ankara, 2 Cilt 2009, 33-50 (Amphora Catalog of the Anamur Museum, in Turkish)
  • “OCHLOS NAUTIKOS: Leisure Culture and Underclass Discontent in the Roman Maritime World”, in The Maritime World of Ancient Rome (Supplements to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome), U. of Michigan Press 2007, Nicholas K. Rauh, Matthew J. Dillon, and T. Davina McClain.
  •  “Viticulture, Oleoculture and Economic Development in Roman Rough Cilicia,” Münster Beiträge für Antike Handelsgeschichte 25, 2006, 49-98, N.K. Rauh, Matthew J. Dillon, Christopher Dore, Richard Rothaus and Mette Korsholm.
  • In Africa: Roots of Language and Civilization (2006)  Marymount Press; principal author (text for College Bound Latin Program; see Outreach, below).
  • “Cultural Research Report: Juliosebaste” (in Turkish), 20. Arastima Sonuclari Toplantisi 1. Cilt:

        Rough Cilicia Survey Project: 2001 Season Report,  Ankara  2003,  215-216.

  • “The Erasmian Pronunciation of Greek: A New Perspective” Classical World 94.2 (2001), 1-12.

 •     “Dialogues with Death: The Last Days of Socrates and the Buddha”, Philosophy East & West

          50.4 (2000), 525-558.

•     “By Gods, Tongues and Dogs: Oaths in Aristophanes”, Greece & Rome, 42.2 (1995), 135-151.

•     “Tragic Laughter” Classical World  84.5 (1991), 345-355.

 •    “Topicality in Aristophanes’ Ploutos ,” California Studies in Classical Antiquity  6 (Oct. 1987),         155-183.

 •     “The Lysistrata  as a Post-Dekeleian Peace Play,” Transactions and Proceedings of the

        American Philological Association  117 (1987), 97-104.

 •     (Translation): Die Tragische Dichtung der Hellenen, by Albin Lesky, 497 pp., Yale University        Press, 1983 (English title: Greek Tragic Poetry)

 •     “The Ideology of Aristophanes’ Wealth ,” David Konstan and Matthew Dillon, American

        Journal of Philology, 102 (1981), 371-394.



2008: Recitations from Vergil, Horace, Catullus and Terence, LATINUM (http:

2004: Gnatho’s Monologue  from Terence’s Eunuchus (http:

website of the Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature)

1999: Selected Odes of Horace (audio): Horace’s Villa, University of California, Los Angeles


1995: Translation: Aristophanes’ Frogs, for the Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University




2004: “Ancient Languages in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the ChristAmphora 3.2 (Fall 2004),


2000: Plutarch’s Advice to the Bride and Groom and a Consolation to his Wife, ed. S.B. Pomeroy

        (Oxford 1999): reviewed in Ancient History Bulletin, vol. 14.1-2 (2000), 64.

1998 a) Atlas of Classical History, M. Grant (Oxford 1994)

         b) Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece, W. Percy (Univ. of Ill. 1996)

            reviewed in Ancient History Bulletin, vol.12 (1998), 139f., 143f.

1988 Aristophanes' Old-and-New Comedy, K. Reckford (Univ. of North Carolina


         Favonius 2 (1988), 79-81.



A) Annual Meetings of the American Philological Association:

2010 Anaheim, CA       “Intentional Soundplay in Homer and Vergil”

2004 San Francisco , CA  “Prosopopoeia in Cicero”

2003 New Orleans, LA “Ictus, Accent and Rhythm in Classical Poetry” (chair of session)

2002 Philadelphia, PA “Juliosebaste: A Greco-Roman-Luwian Settlement in Rough Cilicia”

1999 Dallas, TX:           “The Changing Pronunciation of Ancient Greek” (chair of session)

1996 New York, NY      “Vox Flebilis: Sound and Fury in Senecan Drama” (co-chair)

1994 Atlanta, GA:         “The Margites: A Lost Greek Trickster Type”

1993 Washington DC:   “Recitative Rhythms in Aristophanes’ Animal Choruses”

1990 San Francisco:     “Gnatho’s Monologue: Terence’s Eunuchus , 232ff.”

1989 Baltimore, MD:   “The Prologue of Aristophanes’ Ploutos

1987 New York, NY:   “Tragic Laughter”

1986 San Antonio, TX: “XOPOY in Aristophanes” (by title)

1985 Washington DC:  “The Lysistrata  as a Post-Dekeleian Peace Play”

1983 Cincinnati, OH:    “The Ironic Interpretation of Aristophanes’ Ploutos


B) Other venues

2007  “Mater Luvia: Tracking an Archetype,” Rough Cilicia: New Archaeological and Historical

Perspectives, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Oct. 2007

2005  “The Mater Dolorosa of Rough Cilicia,” Indiana Classical Conference

2004  “Myth and History in Bronze Age Sparta,” Paideia Conference in Sparta, Greece

2002  a) “The Erasmian Pronunciation of Greek: A Re-Evaluation”, Thomas L. Conklin Memorial

 Lecture, Wayne State University, MI

          b) “The Erasmian Pronunciation of Greek”, Conference on Erasmian Pronunciation, Litochoro,


2001  a) “The Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project” (participant in poster session) American

 Institute of Archaeology: Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

          b) “Juliosebaste: The Discovery of a Lost Roman City,” University of California, Santa Barbara

2000  a) “Quo Vadis? The Future of Classics” (moderator), California Classical Association:


          b) “Juliosebaste: The Discovery of a Lost Roman City,” Purdue University, IN

1999 a) “Who Killed Homer?” California Classical Association: Cal State, Long Beach

         b) “Hercules: Myth and History, Young Professionals Institute, Cal Tech

1996   “Socrates and the Buddha: Common Ground,” Purdue University, IN

1990   “Aristophanes and the Common Man,” Friends of Ancient History: UCLA

1988   “Tragic Laughter,” California Classical Association-Southern Section: Harvard-Westlake



C) Ancient Poetry Recitations

Smith College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of California, Los Angeles;

High Schools in the Los Angeles area: Marlboro High School, Palos Verdes High School, Polytechnic High School, Harvard Westlake School, Sacred Heart School, etc.


D) Outreach Program

2006 Introductory Latin for College Bound (non-profit organization helping minority students to attend colleges and universities) Session 1: Jan-April; Session 2: July-August



1999-2004, 2006-2007 Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project (southern Turkey)



2011-present, Chair, Dept. of Classics and Archaeology

2010-11 Acting Chair, Dept. of Classics and Archaeology

2010-  Member, Editorial Board of Amphora, the outreach publication of the APA

2006-2007 Assistant to Chief Academic Officer, LMU

2004 – 2007 Chair, Dept. of Classics and Archaeology, LMU

2004 –2006  President,  California Classical Association-South

2003-4  Acting Chair, Dept. of Classics, LMU

2003-2008 President, Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature

2002 -4   Vice President, California Classical Association -South

2001     Undergraduate Director, Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project

1999-2002 Vice President, Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature (executive

             member  since 1988)

1996-7   Acting Chair, Dept. of Classics, LMU

              Acting Director, Honors Program, LMU

1996-97      President of the Faculty Senate, LMU

1994-95      President of the Faculty Senate, LMU

1991-92      Secretary of the Faculty Senate, LMU

1990-97; 2001-2004  Member, Faculty Senate

1989 -91    Chair, Title IX Subcommittee of the Committee on the Status of Women, LMU         

1990-92     President, California Classical Association, Southern Section

1989-95     Editor, CCA-SS Newsletter, Quid Novi?

1988-90    Acting Chair, Dept. of Classics, Loyola Marymount University



Spoken: German (excellent); Italian, Spanish (good); French, Modern Greek (fair); Turkish (rudimentary).

Reading Knowledge: Latin, Ancient Greek (excellent).