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Catholic Studies

Structure of the Program


The Catholic Studies minor program consists of 5 courses, with at least 4 being upper division, structured as follows:


A. Foundational Course (1 course):

• CATH 1030 Theological Foundations of Catholicism (4 semester hours) 


• THST 1030 Exploring the Catholic Theological Tradition (4 semester hours)


B. Foundations (1 course):

One cross-listed course with core attributes in one of the following: Theological Inquiry, Philosophical Inquiry, or Studies in American Diversity.


C. Explorations and Integrations (2 courses):

Two cross-listed courses with core attributes in one or more of the following: Creative Experience, Historical Analysis and Perspectives, Nature of Science, Faith and Reason, Ethics and Justice, or Interdisciplinary Connections.


D. Catholic Studies Capstone Course (1 course):

CATH 4900 Seminar in Catholic Studies (4 semester hours)


Note: A service-learning course with a Catholic focus would replace any one course from the Foundations or Explorations and Integration categories.