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Catholic Studies

Structure of the Program



The Catholic Studies minor program consists of 18 credit units structured as follows:



Foundational Course: THST 122: Theological Foundations of Catholicism (3 credits)


The course introduces students to the Catholic theological tradition. Topics include the nature and tasks of Catholic theology; an introduction to Catholic understandings of Scripture; the emergence of the Catholic tradition (Church, Eucharist and the sacraments, Mariology, and the papacy); an overview of Church history (early, patristic, medieval, Reformation, the Enlightenment, contemporary); an introduction to Catholic social thought and practice; and the life of the Church, global and local, in the modern world.


Electives (12 units)

12 units of elective courses from the categories listed, 9 of which would be upper-division. The courses would be cross-listed with other departments and will afford the opportunity to meet Core requirement:


a) 1 Faith and Culture course (courses that explore Catholicism as an intellectual, social, and /or cultural tradition within the history of ideas) from the cross-listed Catholic Studies course offerings (3 credits)

b) 1 Critical/Creative Arts (courses that critically explore the interplay between Catholicism and the arts and courses that allow students to explore and express Catholic faith creatively) course from the cross-listed Catholic Studies course offerings (3 credits)

c) 2 electives (preferably with a community- based learning component) from the cross-listed Catholic Studies course offerings in any discipline (6 credits)


Capstone Seminar in Catholic Studies (3 credits)

The upper-division capstone seminar in Catholic Studies explores and discusses the relationship between faith and culture as presented in a variety of media, including film, literature, philosophy, theology, music, art, social sciences, natural sciences, etc. The interdisciplinary nature of the discussion provides an opportunity for students to synthesize their Catholic Studies course work and see how the material from the different courses is interrelated. The seminar is organized around a central theme, which will vary according to the expertise of the particular professor teaching it and thus, will be cross-listed with that professor’s department.