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Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies Courses

Below is a selection of previous Catholic Studies Courses.  For current course offerings, please select the appropriate tab to the left.




THST 122: Theological Foundations of Catholicism
THST 320: History of Christianity I
THST 321: History of Christianity II
THST 345: Catholic Church Today and Tomorrow
THST 350: Foundations of Christian Spirituality
THST 363: Christian Marriage and Sexuality
THST 302: Prophecy and Social Justice
THST 305: The Four Gospels
THST 373: Catholic Social Teaching and Action



PHIL 326: Ethics of Love and Marriage
PHIL 361: Philosophy of God
PHIL 362: Philosophy and Christianity
PHIL 366: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 382: Philosophy in Late Antiquity
PHIL 383: Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 423: Phenomenology
PHIL 428: Spanish Philosophy (Faith and Culture Series)
PHIL 451: Major Thinkers (Aquinas, The Franciscans, Lonergan, Marcel, etc)



HIST 314: Authority and Resistance in Medieval Europe
HIST 408: Imperial Rome
HIST 410: History of the Byzantine Empire
HIST 411: The Rise of Medieval Europe
HIST 412: The Transformations of Medieval Europe
HIST 418: From Viking to Crusader
HIST 422: Age of the Reformation

Other Courses

CHST 398: Guadalupe: Queen of the Americas (Faith and Culture Series)
MUSC 316: Music History: Antiquity to 1600 (Creative/Critical Art Series)
ART 410: Renaissance Art (Creative/Critical Art Series)
ART 413: Baroque Art Creative/Critical Art Series)
FLNT/HON 398: And the Word became Flesh: The Body, Desire and Catholic Spirituality in Western Civilization (Faith and Culture Series)
DANC 381: To Dance is Human: Dance, Culture and Society (Creative/Critical Art Series)
FILM 498: Film and Spirituality (Creative/Critical Art Series)