Resources for Bioethics Students

  • LMU BioethicsHub

    The BioethicsHub is an online resource developed by the Bioethics Instute for bioethics students and community. Student are encouraged to contribute content and commentary to stimulate discussion. Currently, LMU BioethicsHub features…

  • Bioethics Student Resource Guide

    The new 2016-2017 Resource Guide for Bioethics Students is now available for download.

  • Upcoming Courses

    Spring 2017

    Registration for the Spring 2017 term opens Monday, November 14th, 2016.

    First year students entering their second semester of full-time study (i.e., the “Y1” cohort), should register for BIOE 6700 and 6500-01. 

    Returning students continuing their second year of full-time study (i.e., the “Y2” cohort), should register for BIOE 6300 and 6500-01.



    Course #

    Course Title









    Foundations of Philosophical Ethics




    7:15 PM

    9:45 PM




    Bioethics at the End of Life




    7:15 PM

    9:45 PM

    Y1 + Y2



    Justice and Healthcare




    7:15 PM

    9:45 PM


    How to Register Information about Registration Holds Academic Calendars 


    Summer 2017

    Session Dept Course# Sec Course Title Faculty Days Start End
    Sum 1 (5/5-6/23) BIOE 6500 1 Elective Topics in Bioethics: Research Ethics Dell'Oro TR 7:15 PM 9:45 PM

    Sum 2 (6/26-8/4)

    BIOE 6400 1 Clinical Bioethics TBD TBD    


    How to Register Information about Registration Holds Academic Calendars

  • Orientation for Entering Students

    Orientation for all incoming graduate students is taking place on Saturday, August 27, 2016 in University Hall (UNH). Bioethics students are scheduled to meet in the Bioethics Seminar Room (UNH 4511) from 10-11:30 am. This will be followed by lunch and a series of half-hour information sessions about various campus services.

    10:00 – 11:30 am

    Bioethics Program Session

    UNH 4511

    12:00 – 1:00 pm

    General Session and Lunch

    Roski Dining Hall, UNH

    1:00 – 3:00 pm

    Various Optional Information Sessions


    Please follow this link to register and view a more detailed schedule.

    Incoming international students are additionally required to register for the mandatory International Student Orientation being held August 21 – 27, 2015.

  • Entering International Students

    The Office for International Students & Scholars serves as a resource to the University by ensuring regulatory compliance. OISS provides programs and services that support international students' and scholars' social, educational and professional success, thereby, creating an engaged global community. 

    Newly accepted students should refer to the Checklist for Graduate International Students.

    Be aware that First Year International Student Orientation is mandatory for all entering international students.

  • Accepting Financial Awards

    In order to receive your financial aid award, you must register for courses and accept your awards on your PROWL account. Your award will be credited to your student account about 10 days prior to the start of each semester to cover the cost of tuition. 

    Please notify the Financial Aid Office and the Bioethics Institute’s Program Administrator if you plan to enroll in fewer units of coursework than indicated in your award letter. Withdrawing from a course or never attending classes can result in termination of financial aid and may also involve partial or full repayment of disbursed aid for that semester.

    Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

    Financial Aid & Living Off Campus – Graduate Students   

  • Housing

    See the Graduate section of the Student Housing website for on-campus and off-campus housing options specific to graduate students. Note that living off-campus may affect your financial aid.

  • Health Care

    Graduate Student Eligibility for Student Health Services:

    • The linked page explains that graduate students using SHS pay a $50 fee per semester. Many services are free, but certain things like lab work, x-rays, prescriptions, etc. cost extra.
    • All full-time students (enrolled in six or more units) are eligible to receive services at SHS.

    About Student Health Insurance:

    • Relevant excerpts from the linked page are below… Note that students with 7+ credits are required to have a plan, but all full-time students are eligible to buy into the plan.
    • Graduate students taking 6 credit hours or more per semester are considered full-time and eligible to enroll, but must do so manually at
    • LMU requires all full-time graduate and undergraduate students (enrolled in seven units or more) to have health insurance in case of the need for surgery, hospitalization, specialty medical care, or other services outside the scope of Student Health Services.
    • The LMU endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan provided by Aetna provides coverage for both accident and/or a sickness. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in this plan. Students who have a personal or family health insurance plan may waive out of this plan option. 
    • The LMU student health insurance plan annual premium is $2,251 and the coverage  period is from August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017. 
    • For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the LMU student health insurance plan, please see Frequently Asked Questions‌.‌

    Health Care-Related Contacts:

    For questions about the health insurance plan, contact:
    Aetna Student Health at 877-409-7356, or visit

    For questions about payment, contact: 
    Student Accounts at 310-338-2711, or visit