The Master of Arts in Bioethics

About the M.A. Program  

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LMU’s Bioethics Institute offers a Master of Arts degree program that was created to respond to the many ethical challenges presented by the life sciences and health care in contemporary society.

Balancing a challenging liberal arts and sciences curriculum with a commitment to social justice, the master’s program in bioethics:

  • Invites students to reflect systematically on contemporary issues in bioethics and healthcare from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  • Engages students in the critical analysis of bioethical topics through the interplay between ethical theory and professional practice.

About the Faculty

The Bioethics Institute engages faculty from a wide variety of disciplines within the liberal arts and sciences who approach the study of bioethics from the unique perspectives of their field, including Law, Economics, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Public Policy, etc. Our faculty brings a mixture of scholarly expertise and professional experience to the classroom, making for a dynamic learning experience where theoretical understanding and critical inquiry are close to the practical problems of the day.


About the Students

The master’s program provides a strong intellectual foundation for students interested in eventually pursuing doctoral studies at another institution, and an effective compliment to other graduate and professional work in the fields of Law, Medicine, Ministry, and many others. Working professionals in health, science, medicine, technology, public policy, law, spiritual care, research, and related fields find in this program an opportunity to develop a deeper and more critical understanding of ethical theory to inform their practice.

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Admissions Information
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