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Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff of the Bioethics Institute

Roberto Dell'Oro

Roberto Dell’Oro, PhD

Director, Bioethics Institute
Professor of Theological Studies

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Roberto Dell'Oro is the Director of the Bioethics Institute with more than 15 years of experience as bioethics scholar and professor. He is especially interested in anthropological themes at the crossroad of theology and philosophy and has written three books: Health and Human Flourishing: Religion, Moral Anthropology, and Medicine (Washington: Georgetown University Press, 2006), Esperienza Morale e Persona (Rome: Gregorian University Press, 1996) and History of Bioethics: International Perspectives (San Francisco: International Scholars Publications, 1996), translated two books from German, and has had worked published in national and international journals, such as Theological Studies; Health Progress; Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy; The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy; INTAMS Review; Rivista di Teologia Morale; and Vida y Etica. In addition, he serves on bioethics committees, including serving as Chair for the committee at Saint John’s Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA. | Read More

Contact: | 310-338-2752 | University Hall 4515


Elizabeth Quirós, Ph.D.

Program Administrator, Bioethics Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Quirós earned her Ph.D. in Religion from Vanderbilt University, specializing in the area of Religion, Psychology, and Culture, with subspecialties in Practical Theology, Pastoral Theology, and Cultural Psychology. Her research has focused on the intersection of religion, psychology, and collective violence, and she recently defended her dissertation on the role of religion and psychology in shaping public opinion of torture. Elizabeth has prior experience working as a Program Coordinator for non-profit organizations such as the St. Louis InterFaith Committee on Latin America and Prison Performing Arts, living in intentional community as part of the Catholic Worker movement, and practicing as a Pastoral Counselor for the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee. Elizabeth also holds a B.S. in Aeronautics from Saint Louis University, an M.Phil in Reconciliation Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and an M.A. in Religion from Vanderbilt University.

Contact: | 310-338-1659 | University Hall 4517


‌‌David Rogoff Bioethics Staff Photo

David Rogoff, MFA

Administrative Coordinator, Bioethics Institute

David received his MFA from LMU in 2011 and his BA in Film Studies from UC Berkeley in 2007. He has been with the Bioethics Institute since 2011.

Contact: | 310-338-4205 | University Hall 4510


Susan Gilmer Staff Photo

Sue Gilmer, MA Candidate

Graduate Assistant, Bioethics Institute

Sue is a first year Bioethics Graduate Student. She earned her BA at Southern Virginia University majoring in both Philosophy and Politics with a minor in Business Management and Leadership. She was Assistant to the Registrar at Southern Virginia for four years with special responsibilities as the transfer student liaison. 

Sue's areas of interest in Bioethics are human experimentation (informed consent, research on special populations and social control of human experimentation), patient relationships (truth disclosure and informed consent), genetic screening/testing, eugenics, philosophies concerning quality and value of life, contraception and social justice.

Contact: | 310-258-6300 | University Hall 4514


Affiliate Faculty

Paige Asawa

Paige Asawa, PhD, MFT, ATR-BC

Professor, Admissions Coordinator, & Director of the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Paige Asawa studies bioethics as it relates to human behavior and experience. Her work emphasizes the use of technology in working with families responding to traumatic life events and disasters.

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Ronald Keith Barrett, PhD

Chair of the Psychology Department
Professor of Psychology

Connection to Bioethics: “I am currently studying cross-cultural differences in end-of-life care with a specialization on African American attitudes towards health, and death and dying concerns. I also am interested in studying global health disparities and social justice implications.”

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‌‌Carla Bittel, PhD

Carla Bittel, PhD

Associate Professor of History

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Carla Bittel is Associate Professor of History at LMU. She is a historian of medicine and science focusing on the nineteenth-century United States. She has written on women physicians, women's health, and the role of science in medicine. Her new research is on the politics of gender and phrenology in antebellum America. She is interested in the historical roots of contemporary bioethical issues, including access to health care, concepts of health and disease, notions of disability, women's health and reproductive technologies, human and animal subjects research, the neurosciences and brain imaging technologies.

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Richard Boudreau, BS, MA, MBA, DDS, MD, JD, PhD

Dr. Boudreau is a maxillo-facial surgeon, attorney at law, forensic expert, and bioethicist who attended USC, Harvard, UCI, Univ. of Washington, Univ. of Hamburg, LMU, Pepperdine, and Oxford.

Connection to Bioethics: Bioethics provides the perfect vehicle for blending Dr. Richard Boudreau's passionate interests in medicine, law, theology, philosophy, education, and public policy. He enjoys analyzing challenging bioethical issues, authoring articles, and teaching this scholarly and profound clinical discipline. He suggests that, as mortal beings and despite our best efforts, we're all going to face end of life issues, whether our own, or our immediate family member's. Therefore, he believes that bioethics promotes contemplation on some of the most problematic ethical issues of our time.


Lisa Chaudhari, PhD

Director of Project Maycoba, College of Health and Human Services, Northern Arizona University
Instructor of Writing, LMU

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Lisa Chaudhari is trained in biocultural anthropology with an interdisciplinary focus stemming from her earlier training in ecology and geography. She recently completed a certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and her Ph.D. in the environmental and ecological anthropology program from the University of Georgia. Her research interests include health, migration, urban, multicultural and transnational studies, ethnoecology, GIS, biocultural and applied anthropology. She has conducted research projects with various communities in the United States, several countries in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Some of her garden related projects include ethnobotanical research comparing elder knowledge and practices between two Gullah-Geechee island communities off the Southeast coast of the US, and a transnational ethnohealth project between Trinidadians and Tobagonians living in Atlanta, Georgia and their family and friends living back home.


Brietta Clark, BA, JD

Professor of Law, Loyola Law School

Connection to Bioethics: I teach a variety of health law courses, including bioethics, and I advise the Health Law & Bioethics Student Association at the Law School. I have a particular interest in the intersection of social justice, health care access and bioethical concerns. I have served as a member of the Los Angeles County Medical Association and Los Angeles County Bar Association Joint Committee on Bioethics, the Los Angeles County Bar Association Health Law Executive Committee, and on two hospital institutional research boards.

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Kam Dahlquist

Kam Dahlquist, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Kam Dahlquist has had a long-standing interest in bioethics as it pertains to research ethics and biotechnology, especially concerns that have arisen due to genomics technologies.  She has participated in two workshops on the ethical, legal, and social implications of the human genome project (ELSI) held by the Dartmouth Ethics Institute.  She regularly teaches research ethics case studies in her courses such as, Molecular Biology of the Genome and Issues in Biotechnology.

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Antonia Darder

Antonia Darder, PhD

Leavey Presidential Chair & Professor of Educational Leadership

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Darder brings a wealth of transdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the fields of nursing, mental health, philosophy, cultural studies, policy studies, political economy, research methodologies, ethics, and social justice leadership to her work with the Bioethics Institute. One of her primary concerns is the manner in which a diverse democratic society contends with social and material inequalities and exclusions, when working toward a just practice of Bioethics, across diverse communities, professions, and disciplines of study. Dr. Darder also brings 30 years of experience as a university educator to support the Institute's curriculum and the intellectual formation of students in the program. A focus on theory/practice is key to her critical approach to bioethics, along with a political commitment to work in the interest of the most vulnerable populations.

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Cheryl Grills, PhD

Cheryl Grills, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean of Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Connection to Bioethics: As a psychologist with an emphasis in Community Psychology, Dr. Cheryl Grills is focused on adult and juvenile justice, child welfare, and traditional medicine in developing countries within the field of bioethics. She also researches substance abuse prevention and treatment.  

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Arthur Gross-Schaefer

Arthur Gross-Schaefer, JD

Professor of Marketing & Business Law

Connection to Bioethics: Professor Arthur Gross-Schaefer approaches bioethics as a field that enables one to introduce one's core values of honesty and integrity, or others, into the practice of business or law. He considers how bioethics encompasses law, philosophy, and ethics, as well as a spiritual dimension.

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Christopher Kaczor

Christopher Kaczor, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Christopher Kaczor has written The Ethics of Abortion:  Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice (Routledge), A Defense of Dignity:  Creating Life, Destroying Life, and Protecting the Rights of Conscience (University of Notre Dame Press) The Edge of Life:  Human Dignity and Contemporary Bioethics (Springer), and Life Issues, Medical Choices (Servant).   He also serves on the ethics review board of the Maternal-Fetal Therapy Program at University of Southern California and writes a quarterly review of recent literature in bioethics for the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

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Heather Tarleton

Heather Tarleton, PhD, MS, MPAP

Assistant Professor of Health and Human Sciences

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Heather Tarleton's interests in bioethics lie in research ethics (stem cell biology, public health, community-based participatory research, informed consent) and clinical ethics (elective c-sections, maternal choice vs medical necessity, access to end-of-life care, patient autonomy).

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Thomas White

Thomas White, PhD

Conrad N. Hilton Chair of Business Ethics
Director, Center for Ethics and Business

Connection to Bioethics: Dr. Thomas White's approach to bioethics is rooted in his expertise in the field of business ethics. He has served as a consultant to corporations including, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mutual Benefit Life, Meridian Productions, Institute of Management Accountants, and State Farm Insurance.

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