Non-Degree & Auditor Status

Students who are not enrolled in an academic program at LMU may sometimes take graduate (500- or 600-level) courses at LMU’s Bioethics Institute under “non-degree” or “auditor” status.

Non-degree students are required to fulfill the regular course requirements to receive academic credit upon successful completion of the course. See university policy for non-degree graduate study.

Auditors are expected to attend and participate fully in class but are not required to fulfill the regular course assignments and do not receive a grade or any academic credit for the course. See university policy for auditing a course.


Students may take graduate courses in non-degree or auditor status with permission from the Program Director and the Professor.

See additional admissions requirements.

Students interested in taking graduate courses under non-degree or auditor* status must fill out an Application for Non-Degree Status here: Printable PDF | Online Fillable PDF

*Potential auditors should indicate the desire to audit on this form.



Non-degree students are charged the regular cost of the course and receive academic credit upon completion.

Auditors are charged approximately 25% of the regular course cost and do not receive any academic credit for their participation.

2014-2015 Cost

Per Unit

Per Course (3 credits)

Non-degree status






Mandatory fees, such as a $50 registration fee, will also apply.

Contact Student Financial Services for more information.