“A Comparative Analysis of U.S. & U.K. Campaign Systems: Requisites & Relative Success”
“Trends of Q-Scores for Celebrities and Athletes”
“Modern Discourse: The Loss of Lingua Franca”
“Effects of Attractiveness on Perceived Credibility”
“The Change of Loyalty Programs and Their Effect on Airline Competition”

Student Research Opportunities

Research with a BCLA Faculty Mentor

Faculty-guided research is a great way to gain valuable skills in quantitative or qualitative research, under the mentorship of experts in their fields. Here are a few ways LMU students can get involved in research:

  • If you are awarded a Work Study Grant, you may be able to work with a full-time professor as a teaching or research assistant, gaining valuable experience in an area of disciplinary or career interest. For more information, visit Financial Aid Work Study.
  • Arrange to do an Independent Study course under the direction of a full-time professor. This could allow for the continuance or even completion of a research project beyond the scope of a regular course. For more information, speak to your professor and fill out an independent study course form.
  • Work as a Rains Research Assistant for a full-time professor during the regular academic year. For program information and deadlines, visit Rains Research.
  • Apply to carry out an individualized or collaborative Summer Research Project under the guidance of a faculty mentor through a Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) grant. These grants provide students with a stipend to help cover their housing and food costs. The summer program offers on-going workshops to assist students in accquiring research, presentation, and writing skills. For program information and deadlines, visit academics.lmu.edu/our/surp.
  • Carry out fieldwork for a faculty-supervised research project. Apply for support here

Present Your Research at LMU

  • Almost every BCLA major require seniors to do a capstone portfolio presentation, which is often open to the public.
  • Many BCLA departments and programs feature annual student presentations, generally during the spring semester.
  • Another LMU venue to present undergraduate student research occurs every March: the LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium. For more information, visit LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Present Your Research at External Conferences or Symposia