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Asian and Pacific Studies

The Program

Bachelor of Arts in Asian and Pacific Studies

Asian and Pacific Studies (ASPA) allows students to develop their own interdisciplinary curriculum. All majors and minor are required to study an Asian language of their choice and to specialize in a particular Asian country or a particular discipline as applied to Asia, such as Art, Business, Literature, Political Science, or Religion.

Students are encouraged to participate in the University's study abroad and exchange programs in locations such as Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Ahmedabad, and Manila.


The Major

Lower Division Requirements (18 units): Modern Asia (HIST 182, 3 Units) Asian Civilizations (ASPA 201, 3 Units) Asian Language (choose one, 12 Units): Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Sanskrit or another. Korean, Hindi, and Mongolian are offered through a consortium arrangement at USC and UCLA.

Upper Division Requirements (24 units): Economic and Political Issues in Contemporary Asia (ASPA 305, 3 Units) Masterpieces of East Asian Literature (ASPA 302, 3 Units) Senior Integrating Seminar (ASPA 500, 3 Units) Electives (15 Units): Choose from courses offered in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Communication and Fine Arts, and Business Administration.


The Minor

Requirements (18 Units): Modern Asia (HIST 182, 3 Units) Asian Language (choose one, 3 Units) Senior Integrating Seminar (ASPA 500, 3 Units) Electives (9 Units)



Laffin Foundation Scholarship: The Laffin Foundation provides scholarship support for highly qualified students pursuing a Major or Minor in Asian and Pacific Studies. It was established in 1991 and is awarded to outstanding students major or minor in Asian & Pacific Studies Program at LMU. Valentina Laffin, a generous benefactor with great foresight, set up a testamentary trust to honor her parents, John and Maria Laffin.

The Chinese Visiting Scholar Program: The LMU Asian and the Pacific Studies Program and Mount St. Mary's College Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program have developed the Chinese Visiting Fellowship to bring a young Chinese faculty member to our campuses for a two to three week stay each year. The joint program is designed to provide students at the two universities opportunities to become more familiar with and to give a human face to a rapidly changing China. Selected from a pool of candidates recommended by a prestigious Chinese university and interviewed by the director of the Bridging Cultures Program, the Chinese Visiting Fellow will be an articulate young faculty member fluent in English. The Fellow will meet students in classes and other casual gatherings to engage in informal conversations about life in China.