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Asian and Pacific Studies



Wang, Robin (email) . Ph.D., University of Wales, Cardiff. Director, Asian and Pacific Studies. Chinese &Comparative Philosophy; Women and Chinese Thought. UH 3643, x85941.



Banerji, Arnab (email). started as an Assistant Professor of Theatre History, Literature, and Dramaturgy at LMU in Fall 2015. He will be teaching courses on theatre history, Asian Theatre, and dramaturgy. His primary area of research interest is contemporary Indian performance. Arnab was one of the ASIANetwork Luce Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows during the 2014-2015 academic year at Muhlenberg College and also taught at Barnard College, Columbia University during Spring 2015. Arnab is the recipient of the 2015 David Keller Travel Award from ASTR. His essays on Indian performance and reviews of contemporary scholarship on Asian performance have appeared in the Asian Theatre JournalTheatre JournalTDR, and Southeastern Review of Asian Studies.  



Chapple, Christopher Key (email) . Ph.D., Fordham University. Comparative Rhetoric; Religious Traditions of India: Yoga, Jainism, and Buddhism. UH 3763, x82846. 



Chen, Dong (email) . Ph.D., Rutgers University; Ph.D., Renmin University of China. International Business and Strategic Management. Strategic alliances, International joint ventures, International entrepreneurship, and Asian Business studies. Hilton 217, x82923. 



Chmielewski, Philip J., S.J. (email) . Ph.D., Yale University. Sir Thomas More Chair of Engineering Ethics. The Ethical Assessment of Contemporary Technologies, The Transcultural Expression and Exchange of Civic Values. Doolan 202,x85216.


Choi, David (email), Ph.D. Management, University of California, Los Angeles. Director, Hilton Center for Entrepreneurship. Hilton 200B, x82344. 


D'Evelyn, Charlotte (email) Ph.D. University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Ethnomusicology; Research specialties: music and ethnic politics in Inner Mongolia, China; Courses: issues in contemporary Asia, Asian pop culture, Chinese ethnicity, music cultures of the world, music of Asia, music of China, Chinese ensemble; UH 3420, x81679.


Dai-Yu, Han (email) M.F.A., China National Academy of Art. Art work has been exhibited internationally in China, Paris, and Los Angeles.  Fine Arts and Asian Art History. Burns 205 x88677. 



Eusufzai, Zaki (email) . Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. International Trade; Economics and Finance; Political Economy of Asia. UH 4219, x82822. 



Fredericks, Rev. James (email). Ph.D. University of Chicago. Japanese Religions; Buddhism. UH3765, X82857



Healy, Andrew J. (email) . Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Political Economy; Economic Development; Experimental Economics. UH 4229, x85956.



Humphreys, Paul (email) . Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. Music of East Asia. Burns 104, x87432.



Hussain, Amir(email) . Ph.D., University of Toronto. Theological Studies; Islam and Muslim communities in North America. UH 3724,x85987. 



Kinjo, Hiromi (email) . Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. Japanese women writers; Japanese languages. UH 3906, x85902. 


Lee, Wenshu (email).‌ Ph.D., Univeristy of Southern California. Fluent in classical and contemporary Chinese. Transnational feminisms/womanism, critical intercultural communication, Chinese communication, Global Health communication, and qualitative research methods.


Meng Li (email) Ph.D. in communication studies from the University of Iowa. Dr. Li specializes in Chinese family and kinship, rural-urban migration in China, interpersonal and intercultural communication, and qualitative methodologies. 



Lu, Chan (email) . Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University. Department of Modern Languages and Literature, Applied Linguistics. UH 3912, x85359.


Paik, Yongsun (email) . Ph.D., University of Washington. Asian Business; Asian Pacific Business Studies. Hilton 215, x87042. 



Park, Gene (email).  Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Political Science; BA, Swarthmore College. Philosophy; Specializes in comparative politics, international relations, and political economy. 


Plate, Tom (email) Masters in Public Affairs, Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. A.B. Amherst College, Political Science, Phi Beta Kappa. Syndicated columnist, former Editor of the Editorial Pages, Los Angeles Times; Winner of the Distinguished Writing Award from the American Society of Newspaper Editors.  Media and Politics



Rodari, Melody (email). Ph.D. in art history from UCLA. Prior to coming to LMU, Dr. Rodari was curator of Asian art at the Norton Simon Museum. Her research investigates the art and architecture of Southeast Asia as well as the history of collecting and display of South and Southeast Asian art in American and European museums.



Roy, Abhik (email). Ph.D., University of Kansas. Intercultural Communication; Intercultural Rhetoric: Communication Theory; Rhetorical Theory and Criticism. Foley 340, x87403.



Scheibler, Susan (email) . Ph.D., University of Southern California. Philosophy of Religion and Critical Studies; AsianFilm. Xavier 324, x85376. 



Sibeck, Gary (email) . Ph.D., University of Southern California. International Marketing and Business Law (Chinese). Hilton 347, x87407.



Thompson, Seth (email) . Ph.D., University of Oregon. Political Science; World Politics. UH 4132, x82807. 



Tiemeier, Tracy Sayuki.(email) Ph.D., Boston College, Hinduism; Comparative Theology; Theology in Asian Contexts; Asian and Asian American Feminisms. UH 3775, X86234.



Wang, Yanjie (email). Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. East Asian Literature, Chinese cinema and popular culture, film theory, and gender studies. UH 3416, x81678.



Wetmore, Kevin(email).PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Pittsburgh. Traditional and modern Japanese Theatre, Christianity on the Japanese Stage, Modern Chinese Theatre, Asian-American Theatre. Foley 311, x87831.



Wu, Fatima (email) . Ph.D., University of Southern California. Asian Mythology; Women in Asian Literature. UH 4416, x81993. 



Yang, Kathy (email) . M.A., St. John's University. Chinese Language. UH 3906, x81908.



Yoon, Sun-Hee (email) . Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle. History: Korea, China, and Japan. UH 3427, x85772.



Zhuplev, Anatoly (email) . Ph.D., Moscow Management Institute. International Management/Business. Hilton 249, x87414.



Wiebers, Leon (email). Assistant Professor of Theater Arts and Dance. Production Design. Asian Customs. Foley 311, x85284.